Monday, June 25, 2007

A question (or two) for the gawkers

We went to the mall today. We had a blast. Dante walked as best he could and even stopped to flirt with the ladies here and there. Randy and I, the proud parents, couldn't help but gloat at our little guy. But everytime we go somewhere as a family they follow us: the dirty looks, the glares, the shaking heads. And I'd like to know, what is it that is offending them so much?

Is it because I'm fat?
Is it because Randy and I have tattoos?
Is it because I, a woman, have tattoos?
Is it because Randy and I have tattoos and I'm fat?
Is it because I have multicolor hair?
Is it because we have a child?
Is it because we seem to be a happy family with a happy baby but we don't look like Mr. and Mrs. Betty Crocker?
Was there a hole in my skirt?
Was Randy's fly open?
Did I have a booger hanging out of my nose?
Did Randy have something stuck in his teeth?
Did Dante have a smelly diaper?

Seriously, I'd like to know because as much as we try to ignore it, the whispering and the evil glares get a bit grating at times. I think Randy and I calculated that if we had a nickel for every "for shame" look we got, we could probably afford to buy all of you your own little private island and yacht. What the hell is so fascinating? We're a couple, with a baby. Our baby wears baby clothes, laughs, smiles when we sing to him and play games, and acts very baby-like. If I'm sitting on the floor with him in the bookstore reading Sandra Boynton's "Dogs" and making all the doggie noises to him, why must you call your ENTIRE family over to peek at me through the cooking section? Why, if Randy and Dante are in the trucks aisle at Toys R Us, do I have to hear you, in Spanish, say "Look! Look!". What's the big deal?!?!

Do you think that because we look like this, that we're just supposed to sit in dark corners and worship the devil all the time? (Only on Wednesdays). Do you think that we should swing our baby over our head while chanting in Latin and cursing everyone who lays eyes upon us? (every other Thursday). Do you think that we sacrifice goats in the backyard and use the skins to make tablecloths? (February)

Is it that hard for these gawkers to accept the fact that yes, we're not your average looking mom and dad, BUT we are a GREAT mom and dad to Dante. We love him. He's our everything. I can't stand the looks we get. We were in the Disney store and everyone was so busy staring at us, that no one noticed the perfectly normal looking Dad SMACK his 2 year old daughter in the FACE THREE TIMES because she wanted a doll and started crying when he said no. This BIG man SMACKING his daughter in the FACE phased no one. My tattoos and hair (and fat?) were the big shocker.

I really wish we weren't a society based on outward appearance. I really wish that people were more open minded. Tattoos and funny hair and funny clothes aren't catching. It's a personal choice what we look like and I should garner the same respect as anyone else. Just because we choose to look a certain way does not mean that we are so different on the INSIDE. We share commonalities that no one bothers to care about. We love our son. We love eachother. Whether we have one tattoo or a million, an earring or a bone through our nose, blond hair or purple hair with orange polka dots, it should not matter.

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