Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mail Keeps Coming!

Here's another little gem from one of my various mailboxes. I'm not even deeming this one with an answer as everyone can plainly see that this person is a moron. Enjoy!

NAMECHANGED:This has been bothering me for quite some time. I've managed to mind my own business for a while, but I have a dilemma that's really starting to get to me. I really don't understand why someone who calls themselves an atheist can be so obsessed with god. Its very obvious that you are extremely insecure within your own beliefs. I don't understand the constant bickering and the intolerance of those who believe in a "supreme being". Why is it that you feel the need to question and mock others for their beliefs? why does it matter to you if someone has faith in something you find to be unfathomable and illogical? Are you not secure enough in your own findings? Are you all on a mission to convert everyone to your own religion of atheism?(which really has become a religion the way you all chastise everyone who doesn't agree with your narrow outlook on life.) Why is it that you've mistakenly placed yourself in the role of authority when it comes to what is reality and what is fantasy? Sure science has come a long way, but it hasn't come far enough to explain our very existence. The Progress of science itself is depended on the reconstruction of old theories based on newly obtained information. The Big Bang theory doesn't fallow that principle, simply because its hypotheses are purely non scientific. These blind hypotheses about how matter came into existence in the first place were founded on the most common seudo-scientific formula for explaining the unexplainable: Its called "hey, it could have happened this way so lets just say it did." Anyways, I'm sure that that's more than enough logic for you to take all in one sitting so lets look at this from a social standpoint: "ooooo wow you're an edgy anti-Jesus freak, lets go piss on the the ignorantly blissful people with all their shameful morals and pitiful standards of decency." I don't know if you've even given it much thought, Sugar tits, but you gotta see that intolerance isn't the answer. I don't care for this culture you have, It really isn't all that interesting to be quite honesty with you. I almost feel like this whole attitude is coming from jealousy of those who feel spiritually connected. (Your attitude, mind you, not your beliefs) I just have one real key point here though. This is the point I'd like to make: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER OR NOT THERE'S A GOD? GET OVER IT, GET OVER YOURSELF, MOVE ON AND FIND A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE HOBBY.