Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 'A' Week 2011

In the spirit of this year's 'A' week, I opened up a dialogue on a mom's forum I belong to.  Despite a few posters here and there, it is going pretty well.

Here is the link:   Celebrate 'A' Week and Learn Something New!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Too Late To Apologize

Dear Stranger,

        I apologize for being so abrupt with you this morning. You see, I was not prepared for you to come up to my open car door, in my driveway, at eight in the morning, as I am bucking my children into their car seats, demanding that I take you to the train station.  I guess I should have assumed that because I politely said, "good morning" to you as you strolled down the sidewalk, that that was a clear indication that we were now best friends and I would drive you places.
       I apologize, also, for saying "no", to you......three times before you got the picture and decided to walk away. Instead of treating you with respect and like a human being, despite the fact that you were on my property, invading my space, and making this mama bear a teensy bit uncomfortable around her children, I should have just screamed "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME OR I CALL THE COPS", instead of my simple, "no", three times.
      I also feel the need to apologize because you are black.  According to your screaming rant as I drove away, your blackness is the reason that this "cracker bitch" did not give you a ride.  Absolutely.  Because had you been a white stranger, randomly walking down the street at eight in the morning who walked up to my car, on my property, with my small children strapped in their seats, demanding I take you to the train station, I, of course, would have said, "Sure, jump in! As long as you aren't black, its fine with me!"
     And finally, I must apologize that we live in a society where I have to be wary of strangers, white or black, who ask me for rides. I apologize because I would have had no problem giving you a ride if we lived in a different world. Where good samaritans aren't harmed by evil people, where women don't have to feel like targets, and where our children never get abducted or abused or hurt. I would like to live in that world and give you a ride to the train station.
      So, Mr. Stranger, please accept my apologies and be thankful that it was a prefect day for a morning walk.

The Cracker Bitch