Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Big "A" Strikes Again!

I swear, it must be Crazy Season when it comes to my book club, Ex Libris lately.  Either that, or it's a perpetual full moon and the crazy is here to stay.

Today I sent out an email to some members to pay their dues in a timely fashion or they would be removed.  I give them options, tell them where to find the rule about dues, and let them know they can contact me with any alternatives if they don't want to use PayPal.  Usually the person will pay their dues or email me asking me if they can send a check  or just leave the group. Simple, no?

Apparently not today.  A woman sent me an email in response saying:

"Sorry I guess we won't be a member then"

So I replied that I was sorry to hear that and could I ask why?

And then I got this:

"one, there was no explanation of what the $8 pays for
two, we have yet to come to a meeting - the last one we couldn't get the book to read
three, not comfortable with someone who pushes their atheism"

Really?  Fucking Really? Apparently at the end of the emails I send from, it lists other meetups I am a member of. Two of them are Atheist groups. Apparently "two" means "pushing".

So I replied:

Firstly, the $8 covers the fees for hosting on, something that is clearly stated in the member rules and guidelines which are sent to all applicants.

Secondly, it is also stated clearly in the member rules and guidelines that dues are to be paid within three (3) days of joining the group.

Thirdly, nowhere in my book club does it state anything about religon or religious preference therefore you must be basing your biased assumption that I am "pushing atheism" based on my memberships in other meetup groups. I am also in several parenting groups. Does this mean I am "pushing fertility"? Should I assume that the other members in Ex Libris who are in Buddhist groups, Jewish groups, Yoga groups, Christian groups, etc are all in my book club to "push" these agendas as well?

The world is a big place and Ex Libris is open to all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, education, religion or lack thereof. Thankfully, because of your blatant disrespect and bigotry toward someone who doesn't share your worldview, Ex Libris will be grateful for your absence.

Have a nice day and good luck.

Alessia Lane
Organizer Ex Libris

Then I booted her ass out of the group.

I am so amazed at the intolerance of people. 

Judging by last night's meetup, the only thing anyone was "pushing" was awesome discussion and intelligent dialogue.  How dare us!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes.....

I organized an event last night at Dante's school for the 3rd and 4th graders.  It was an Pajama party/Movie Night and lots of fun.

I am the type of mom who likes to interact and get to know the kids. Last year, I knew every one of Dante's Kindergarten classmates (and I'm well on my way to knowing all of his 1st grade mates this year) and I can still see them today and say hello to them (and strangely enough they somehow remember me) <----#sarcasmfont

Anyhow, I sat down with some of the kids and chatted with them and this is what I discovered from today's 8 and 9 year olds.

  • The Lorax is good but it's boring and nothing blows up
  • My dad used to be a DJ in the olden days in the 90's.
  • My mom is really old.  She's 32.
  • We should turn off the movie and dance because I want to show everyone my moves and maybe someone will want to be my girlfriend.
  • It's weird to see my friends without their clothes on. (The kids were wearing pajamas, not the required school uniform)
  • My grandpa was a warrior in the Venetian War. He's dead now.
  • In the 80's there were no cell phones so people couldn't call anyone unless they were home.
  • In the 80's computers were as big as your house and only rich people had them.
  • Girls are weird because all they want to do is hit you
  • Boys are weird because all they want to do is hit you
  • My dad has tattoos like you except his are nicer
  • I like your tattoos. My mom won't let me get one yet.
  • Is Justin Bieber your favorite singer?
  • You like Star Wars?  But you're a mom!
  • How could you have seen Star Wars when you were a kid? It wasn't real back then.
And my favorite of the evening:

  • I love your hair and your lipstick.  You look like a goth lady, but old and with jeans on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hey Readers!

If you haven't noticed, my blogs are few and far between.  Parenting, health issues, and a general "meh" lately have prevented me from writing my usual epic rants that I love spewing.

I'm not ending this blog by no means, but I only have time for mere snippets and photos as of late, so if you want to keep up with my bits of snark that I post in between epic rants of an AGM here at Musings, please visit and follow me here:

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