Friday, May 11, 2007

Damn you Hampton Inn!

Well, Dante's still sick. His fever was still pretty high this morning when he woke up ( I have yet to sleep). I took him to the pediatrician who diagnosed him with having both conjunctivitis (or pink eye) in his left eye and a mild ear infection. Hence, the fever and irritability. I asked the doc if this could have been picked up in a hotel pool and he answered in the affirmative saying that it was probably, if not definitely the cause.

So, Hampton Inn in Naples. Although your beds are extremely comfy and we had a great time..........


**Dante is on antibiotics for the ear and drops for the eye and should be better in a few days***

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby's First Emergency Room Visit

We had to take Dante to the ER last night. He had been lethargic and listless all day; just "not himself" and by the time Randy got home from work he was running a slight fever. By dinner time he was up to 102, so we packed up the car, locked up the dogs and headed to the ER. After an hour of being there, we finally were triaged and his temperature was 104. Poor lamb. So they gave him a Motrin Popsicle and we went back out to the waiting room to wait for the doctor. ANOTHER hour later, the doc saw us. By this time, the Motrin had kicked in and we had our spry, happy son back; flirting and waving at all the pretty girls and nurses in the waiting room, playing hide and seek under his blanket, and passing his pacifier back and forth between the three of us in this little game that he's recently invented.

He's ok now. He's been up and down in the fever department all day. The ER doc said it was probably a virus he picked up somewhere and to watch him. I called his pediatrician this morning and she said to keep him hydrated and if his fever persisted to Friday, to bring him in. He seems to be doing much better now, having eaten a VERY big bowl of macaroni and cheese with an Enfamil chaser, all the while trying to grab the spinach off of our dinner plates.

But, of course, as the mommy. I have yet to sleep. I stayed up all night last night just sitting next to his crib, listening to him snore, and watching him sweat out the fever. I finally lay down about 5:30 am when he woke up and needed me. But that's what mommies do, and although my eyes feel as though there is a 700 lb. anvil on each one, I probably will sit up tonight and keep an eye on him as well. He's my lamb!

On a side note: Childrens' ERs are weird. There was a little nook/play area for kids in the corner. It was a few video game systems and a couple of computers. But you know what? No books. Not one single Goodnight Moon or Pokey Little Puppy. I found that sad.