Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Commish, a couple hundred dead Zombies, and the Scorpions

So Randy, Dante and I hit Dave and Buster's last night to meet up with Veezie and Vlad (who we lovingly refer to as VNV) and their son Julien. They had a party thang going on there and we decided to meet with them after so we could save the world and rid it of zombies. So while they're doing their party shinding, Randy, D-man, and I go down to the arcade to the bar and proceed to start drinking (D-man was on formula of course). Our bartender, Erika, cool chick that she was, tells us that the "guy from the Commish and the Shield" is walking around. So I'm like, "Michael Chicklis is here?" And sure enough, there he was with his family walking around playing video games with his son and daughters. I had a strong urge to run up to him and yell, "THING SMASH!", but against my own better judgement I did not. You know, I can appreciate Mr. Chicklis being in Hollywood, Florida "slumming" it as they say with us regular folks at Dave and Buster's. He seemed like a very nice guy and, although he looked like he could beat someone's ass in a heartbeat (he had a bod on him), he was very receptive to the people asking for pictures. Let me just say, I wish people would just leave stars alone when they are out in public. I mean, people were mobbing him at one point. It was obvious that he was there with family and friends. Leave the poor man alone for chrissakes. Ok, he's a TV and movie star, and yes, the Shield is a great show, but let the guy enjoy a night with his kids! If you're that much of a fan, write a fan letter or download some pictures.

Later on VNV joined us and we played some House of the Dead, Randy and I tagteaming one controller while Veezie was team leader and Vlad "protected the children". You have all of us to thank that the world is safe from weird bug eyed zombies and oogy mud swamp looking mother fuckers. We take payments in cash only and only in increments of $100 bills.

Today, Randy and I broke down and bought Singstar Rocks! for the PS2. Cheese factor to the nth degree but so f'ing fun that I think I peed my pants laughing more than one time (although that may be a side effect of having a kid). The best part of the game is the fact that you can play back the song you sang and hear yourself sing, AND add voice effects to tweak it. I must say that Randy's "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions was incredible, even more so after he tweaked his voice to sound like Soundwave from the Transformers. I mean, SOUNDfuckinWAVE sang the Scorpions in my house! I did a killer (forgive the pun) version of The Killer's "Somebody Told Me", but have yet to master Aretha's "Respect". Between Singstar Rocks! and Guitar Hero I and II, Randy and I are a veritable musical force to be reckoned with (Alexia, that challenge still stands!). I hear there are other Singstars on the way. Hopefully they'll do a Singstar 80s (which I will MASTER!) and a Singstar Country (which Randy in his redneckdom will probably Ace!).

Maybe if they create a Singstar Crying Baby, Dante could play too!