Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Tough Act to Follow

Now that we know our next child is a boy, we are having a tough time following up our first son's name with an equally powerful and meaningful title for boy #2.

Our son's name is Dante Marcello. Dante, after the famous medieval author Dante Alighieri, and Marcello after my father.

Logically one can't follow up a name like that with something like "Jimmy" or "Steve" or "Bobby" (no offense if anyone has those names), so I've been scouring my favorite literary authors and works to find the perfect name that can match in awesomeness to our firstborn.

Boy is this tough. Do we go Italian again? Do we venture to the English kings? Knights of the Round Table? Renaissance Painters? The Musketeers? Philosophers and Great Thinkers? Greek and Roman Myths? Norse myths? Dare I say, biblical?!? Do we simply flip the name book, stick our finger in, and go with what we are pointing at (not a good choice, since when we did that we landed on "Englebert").

We may have an idea for a first name, but now what? Do we have to come up with a middle? I don't have a middle name, so why should we?

Dante has given us two suggestions: Spinwheel and Baby Junior. Right now, those two don't seem that bad.


cookiemonstersnipe said...


DH and I had a rough time picking out names. For boys we picked:

Seth Gaylan - After the God and the scientist
Mason Callum - This is sad but the show Dead Like Me was on when we got engadged and Mason was our favorite charecter and Callum was the actors name sooo ...

Probably not the most creative.... Gwrn was named after Spider-Mans girlfriend Gwen Stacey lol!!!

Carla said...

Oh, I LOVE picking out names.
Our sons names are Gareth Odin and Zane Orion. If we had a 3rd child it was going to be Maris Griffin. We would have probably called him Mars..... I also liked Sagan for a first name, named after Carl Sagan. Have fun! You are can not go with some typical, common name after the cool name you gave Dante!

Alessia said...

Carla: we are cut from the same mold. Some of our name choices have been Gareth (Arthurian Knight), Sagan (after Carl, of course), and Darwin (guess who?). I also adore Dorian and Atticus, but husband is turning his nose up at those. We are tentatively in agreement on Tristan although I would like to go with the old English, Tristram. And hubby threw D'Artagnan at me which made me think for a moment.

Alessia said...

But who knows.

inkelywinkely said...

I wouldn't do a middle name. LOL..We do all rock names, cause we are just weird. You know, Layne , Maynard James, Ronnie (VanZant), Dax Riggs, etc..

krissiecook said...

Feeling your pain on this one.

Jaque said...

Funny you said Darwin, because when I read this the first thing I though of was Charles Darwin Lane. I think it sounds beautiful!

BTW, Carla.....look, a picture!!!