Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unnecessary (and utterly stupid) Hate Mail

Continuing the saga of the hate mail that ends up in my various inboxes, today we have one that didn't even have to be written. I recently set up a Meet-Up group page for FLorida Atheists and Secular Humanists (FLASH) Parents, HERE. Meet-Up then sends out a mass email to people interested in the various categories that I listed the group under. In this case it was "parenting", "atheist", "secular humanism", "stay at home moms", and "parents & families".

And thus, I received my first hate mail!

The following message was sent to you by a Meetup member (Note,
they're not a member of your Meetup Group.)

* It was sent to you by: XXXXXXX (User ID: XXXXXX)

* XXXXX requested a response. To respond simply reply to this
email. (Note that when you reply, XXXXXX will have your email

What XXXXXX wrote:
This is sick!!!! Why would you send me an invitation to your BS
Athiest Group? I do not wish to receive anything from this
group. Have a blessed day.

Notice a couple of things. First of all, she didn't even have to reply to the invitation. She could have just ignored it and moved on with her day. I get tons of Meet-Up invites because I'm signed up for several categories, and I just ignore the ones I'm not interested in. But no, XXXXX here had to take all of her Christian love and goodness and write me a nasty one. Secondly, the idiot doesn't even know how to spell Atheist, despite the fact that the email she received had it plastered all over it.

So anyhow, I was going to let it go, but if you know me, you know I don't let things go, so here was my response:

Thank you so much for responding so kindly to the Meet-Up invitation you received. I am sure you are unaware that Meet-Up sends new group announcements to everyone who is signed up for certain categories and since it is obvious you are signed up for "parenting" groups, you received an invite. I did not seek you out and send you the invitation personally.

It is obvious from your note that you are a kind and caring person, and that you are teaching your children tolerance and respect for other beliefs that are not your own.

Thank you for being the epitome of the hypocritical religious person, who in one sense can write such a nasty and unnecessary note in response to a mass invitation and then turn around and wish me a "blessed" day. Thank you. Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype of the bigoted, intolerant, religious fanatic. You are a testament to your faith and a shining example for all Atheists and Secular Humanists everywhere.

Warm Regards,
Alessia Lane

Organizer FLASH Parents
Organizer Ex Libris: A Book Club With Brains
Assistant Organizer: The Hollywood Moms Meet-Up Group


Dusty said...

Great response. I get stuff like that all the time. They will talk to you like you are a dog and then wish that god blesses you. Typical Christian nutter bullshit.

I've been thinking about attending some of those freethinker meetups around here. I'm signed up to a couple but have never gone.

Prisim Light said...

Have a Blessed Day. :)

PinheadX said...

Lookit what I just "Stumbled Upon"! I didn't know you had a blahgue!

and way to go to put that dumb bitch in her place... If I didn't just ignore all the conservative and religious shit I am sent or run across in my daily life, I'd probably go postal. Some people need to learn to just ignore what they don't agree with and move on.

I guess she didn't have any real battles to pick from, so she picked the first one she found...

Sherrie said...

Ditto Dusty's comment: Great response!

I will never understand the need for anyone to be nasty when it isn't necessary.

I'd visit your meetup.