Monday, June 1, 2009

Atheist Hate

I couldn't let this go for some reason so I wrote a letter to the Tyra show. I don't even watch her show, but I just couldn't let this go without a comment. Here is my letter below:

I just recently caught a clip of the Tyra show that featured Steve Harvey and I was disgusted and appalled at his comments about atheists. I was more offended at the reaction that Tyra gave, laughing as he made disparaging comments about a group of people as having no "moral barometer" if they do not believe in god.

Let me introduce myself. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a college graduate, an activist, and a human being. I am also an Atheist. I do not believe in god, gods, goddesses, or any sort of divine creator of this universe. My husband is an Atheist, and we are raising our child free from religion. This does not mean that we are teaching him religion is wrong and that we are right, it means that we are teaching him that the world is a gigantic place, and the millions of people that inhabit it, all look, feel, and believe differently.

We are not "immoral" people. We love, we laugh, we cry, we yell and scream, we tickle, we eat too much, and we spend too much time on the internet. Our "moral barometer" is based on our human consciousness of what is right and wrong. We do not kill, or steal, or hurt people, not for fear of the wrath of some imaginary cloud being, but for the mere fact that, as human beings, our NATURAL intellect dictates that these things are wrong.

Steve Harvey's comments were bigoted and prejudicial. If someone were to juxtapose the words "Jew" or "Muslim" or "Asian" into his statements about Atheism, would the audience have been so quick to titter? And would Tyra have allowed such hate-speech to be spoken so freely without comment?

The reality is that this country is made up of many godless individuals. There are many of us who do not believe in god, who lead normal, productive, and yes, MORAL lives. The Freedom From Religion Foundation put the percentage of Atheists in this country at 14% at last count. We are still citizens of this nation. We vote, we pay taxes, and we deserve the same respect given to any other individual, whether they be god-fearing or not.

If Steve Harvey, or anyone for that matter, wishes to base their opinion on someone on whether or not they believe in god or not, I am sorry to say that they will be missing out on some very interesting people. Some of the greatest minds in the world are god-free: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the late great author Douglas Adams, astronomer Carl Sagan, scientist Marie Curie, James Watson and Francis Crick who discovered the double helix and the origin of DNA, Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame, author Kurt Vonnegut, George Clooney, Lance Armstrong, Natalie Portman, Katherine Hepburn, the list is endless.

What a sad existence it must be to be so closed minded and believe that your god would allow such hatred.

My conscience is my guide. There is no need to cling to spiritual fantasy. Our lives and our child's life are enriched by reality, not illusion.


courtney said...

That was great! D is so lucky to have such a wonderful mother!

Anonymous said...

well written article and spot on! good 4 u! i understand being offended and taking issue with the guest's, as well as the host's, ill-mannered, ignorant and unfair assumptions. remember one thing...these people believe in and praise an invisible sky man that judges us daily on how much we tithe. they believe those ridiculous bible stories and they think that this sky guy sets a good moral compass! OBVIOUSLY they have never read the book, nor heard all of his childish, jealous, dastardly deeds! they are totally out of touch with a little something called R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. keep up the good work with your life and family, but remember...'to argue with a fool, only makes two fools'. 7

veezie said...

bravo. i'm not an atheist. but my bf is. and for the most part, i understand the inclination. its funny, i've actually written a letter to the tyra banks show and blogged about how she treated breastfeeding women on her show, including, laughing at them and telling them that its kind of perverted to breastfeed past a certain age. the thing to remember about these kinds of people, is that they are ignorant and uniformed. fortunately for us, not EVERYONE is like them. unfortunately tho, is that when these kinds of people are celebrity its easier for the rest of society to accept the prejudice instead of identifying it for what it is. i think you are one of the smarted, funniest people i know. you are a fantastic mom. and i feel the same way about many of the atheists i know. on the other hand, i know a whole lot of people who have the "moral barometer" of "god" and they're basically idiot douchebags. funny thing, that, huh?

Dusty said...

Fuck Steve Harvey. Is that bitch on twitter? I'm gonna find out and send him a few messages.

Sherrie said...

It never fails. There will always be some idiot spewing the 'lack of morals' comment about anyone with differing beliefs.

Drew said...
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Drew said...

I work with children who "read" a version of the Christian bible (I put "read" in quotes since most of them can't read beyond a third grade level); they defend their god; they don't believe in dinosaurs or pirates because both are "made up."

They also think rape is a funny activity if "you're too ugly to get any." They think robbing someone at gunpoint is the best way to acquire new things. They think shooting at the cops is okay because "them crackers have guns." They steal lawn mowers, "because." They beat people up for looking at them "wrong." They expect to go to "the county." They sell "cokane" to other kids and to grandparents.

Morals and religion are not the same thing, and are frequently not even compatible.

(I had a typo in the deleted post.)