Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mail Keeps Coming!

Here's another little gem from one of my various mailboxes. I'm not even deeming this one with an answer as everyone can plainly see that this person is a moron. Enjoy!

NAMECHANGED:This has been bothering me for quite some time. I've managed to mind my own business for a while, but I have a dilemma that's really starting to get to me. I really don't understand why someone who calls themselves an atheist can be so obsessed with god. Its very obvious that you are extremely insecure within your own beliefs. I don't understand the constant bickering and the intolerance of those who believe in a "supreme being". Why is it that you feel the need to question and mock others for their beliefs? why does it matter to you if someone has faith in something you find to be unfathomable and illogical? Are you not secure enough in your own findings? Are you all on a mission to convert everyone to your own religion of atheism?(which really has become a religion the way you all chastise everyone who doesn't agree with your narrow outlook on life.) Why is it that you've mistakenly placed yourself in the role of authority when it comes to what is reality and what is fantasy? Sure science has come a long way, but it hasn't come far enough to explain our very existence. The Progress of science itself is depended on the reconstruction of old theories based on newly obtained information. The Big Bang theory doesn't fallow that principle, simply because its hypotheses are purely non scientific. These blind hypotheses about how matter came into existence in the first place were founded on the most common seudo-scientific formula for explaining the unexplainable: Its called "hey, it could have happened this way so lets just say it did." Anyways, I'm sure that that's more than enough logic for you to take all in one sitting so lets look at this from a social standpoint: "ooooo wow you're an edgy anti-Jesus freak, lets go piss on the the ignorantly blissful people with all their shameful morals and pitiful standards of decency." I don't know if you've even given it much thought, Sugar tits, but you gotta see that intolerance isn't the answer. I don't care for this culture you have, It really isn't all that interesting to be quite honesty with you. I almost feel like this whole attitude is coming from jealousy of those who feel spiritually connected. (Your attitude, mind you, not your beliefs) I just have one real key point here though. This is the point I'd like to make: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER OR NOT THERE'S A GOD? GET OVER IT, GET OVER YOURSELF, MOVE ON AND FIND A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE HOBBY.


Darque said...

Someone's a little obsessed with atheists, I think. Is it because of all the atheists waging religious wars in the name of their not-god, or because of all the people getting their heads cut off for their not-god? Maybe it's because of all the people flying planes into buildings because of their not-god. Or perhaps all the indoctrination that Texans like to put in their schoolbooks to support their belief in not-god that undermines real science.

Or maybe it's because all that stuff is from people who justify their heinous actions with a god. Maybe it's because that's the only real power god has - to rationalize everything from everyday transgressions to the most inhumane crimes in history.

Do these assholes really think that we give a shit about the people who go to church on Sunday and then go back to their lives for the rest of the week? Look, that's their own dumb choice to make, but if that's all religion was, there would be no need for strong atheists to speak out. If that's all religion was, we'd go back to hating CaptainNumbut because he's an idiot, and not because of his god.

But we live in a world where everyone - of all faiths and all creeds - must live in constant fear from the significant percentage of true believers who would blow themselves to smithereens to do their god's work. Or they would fly planes into buildings for their god. Or interfere with investigations into their supposedly celibate cohorts who like to molest little boys. Or fill the heads of children with subtle misinformation and deliberate lies to keep their colossal untruth alive. Or keep putting wasteful spending into our town budget proposals in order to pat themselves on the back for believing in the same flavor of fairy tale.

As long as that stupidity continues to survive in the modern age, to the detriment and embarrassment of all mankind, atheists like AgingGothMom and I are needed. (Just as importantly, as long as these trained monkeys continue to jump up and down on their keyboards to fling their poo at people they don't like online, then spell-checkers are needed. That, and red pens.)

Cheers, AGM. They only rattle their cages like this when we're doing our job. ;)


IgniteMe said...

Wow! I was all fired up to head check this twit - but then Darque posted his comment... So, yeah! What he said!

Prisim Light said...

I thing the jealousy part is somewhat correct. I get jealous of those who seem to be able to trip over the crap that comes their way because it's all going to be OK in the sweet by and by. Then again, I know what the sweet by and by really is. All you have to do is think what it was like before you were born. What I saw mostly was an appeal to the "god of the gaps", a complete misunderstanding of science and scientific theory and several "ahem" well thought out ad-hominem attacks. Typical I guess.

Prisim Light said...

Oh, and what Darque sed two. Speal checqure, installz it in yer browzer. Maybe a few minute break between sentences would help too. Toward the end it looks like "she's gonna blow!!!!!"

Dusty said...

Thanks for Sending me your blog on stumble. I face this question all the time. Christian nutters really can't grasp the fact that you can not just ignore people who are actively trying to bring about Armageddon. You can't ignore people who are so focused on their own individual replication that they are killing our host planet.

For the survival of our species, we just cant ignore these insane people. It is simply NOT an option. The fact that they can't comprehend this logic is exactly why they are Christians to begin with.

At any rate, great blog. Feel free to check mine out at
My blog has some wild shit on it.

Luci said...

Those believers with their omnipotent god sure protest a lot :D

The smell of fear, anyone?

Prisim Light said...

Lucy, right... the smell of fear belies an admission that god is not omnipotent and able to defend himself, therefore believers have the task of defending a rather dodgy assertion. Which brings up another gem, namely "does god have a penis?" and if not why do we refer to him as he rather than she (similar question) or just "it".