Friday, May 16, 2008

A Public and Formal Retraction

A while back I wrote a post entitled Ah, The Irony about shuffling my music player and coming upon The Police's "So Lonely" and then waxing philosophical about my loneliness in not having a best friend to spend my days with. I made a comment that the women at the mom's group I belonged to were "all 25 and cute and perky", implying that they were someone who I didn't feel a bond with and who wouldn't feel one with me.

Well I take it back. Although she is "25 and cute and perky", which is certainly not something negative and should never be taken as such, she and I have found that we kinda like eachother's company and dare I say it, have become the best of friends. Very cool. And it helps that our sons are friends as well. And, she is also afraid of elf werewolves (inside joke, you had to be there).

So I make this public and formal retraction firstly to dispel any ideas that "25 and cute and perky" is a bad thing (read: it's just intimidating to a jiggly, not-so-cute, 33 year old Aging Goth Mom), and secondly to switch up my music player and play The White Stripes:

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