Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unsivilized {sic}?

I have a question. What's with the misspellings in hip-hop? Why is it cool to spell things wrong? I ask this because I was driving behind a promo van for some upcoming album by some rapper and the album was called "Unsivilised", with featured songs like "We Dem Boyz" and "Whippin' Da Bass". Is it cool? I don't get it.

Also, adding Li'l, Big, Fat, or any sort of adjective in front of your name all of a sudden turns Irving Fartypants into Big Irv or Fat Pants which increases the cool factor by ten. Change the spelling to Biig Irrrrrv or Phat Pizzants and you've got gold.

Flavor Flav does the same thing on his show, giving the women nicknames and then spelling them "hip-hop" style: Seesinz, Sinceer, Bunz, Deelishis, Sumthin...I could go on.

Why is the dumbing down of a language AND a culture cool? Would Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth be ok with this? Would MLK and Malcolm X think it was "foshizzle my nizzle"?

Why, when someone is eloquent and well spoken, they are called an "Uncle Tom" or accused of "trying to be white"? Why does a positive movement toward education and upheaval from the stereotype mean persecution from your own brothers and sisters?

I don't get it.

.................oh, and another thing: pull up your pants


artichoketheme said...

the only way it has been explained to me is that the whites in this country just want everyone to be like them, and if someone is going out of thier way to make thier own culture then it's dumb or evil. (like goth)
the english say similar things about yanks and aussies with misspellings and made up words you know.

Kate said...

I wonder the same thing why is it ok and even cool to be stupid or at least make yourself seem like you are? I don't get it.

Anna & Ryan said...

Popa Smirf was the director on that record. hahahahah