Friday, May 2, 2008

Children are cruel

At about 2 pm today my cell phone rang. The caller ID read "PRIVATE" and I answered it. On the other end, the voice of a young boy (maybe 12 or 13) said "I've got your dog". I answered, "Where! Where are you! I can come to you and get her! Is she ok? Describe her to me so I know it is her!". I was ecstatic. Before I knew it, the boy on the phone answered me, "She's dead. I killed her you bitch." And I heard another boy in the background laugh and say, "Yea and her tattoo says Asshole". Then they hung up.


Kate said...

Stupid little punks. I am so sorry. I was going to ask if you had heard anything about her. I don't know what else to say except I am sorry they did that to you.

artichoketheme said...

isn't there a way you can track the number with the phone company? if they say that they are killing animals then they should be investigated.

April said...

The same thing happened to a friend of mine whose dog was lost! Except the call came from a grown man; can you believe it?