Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard......

....well not all the boys. Just one in particular.

I love to nurse. I really do. Sure it puts a toll on your boobs and you end up tripping over your nipples, and they get sore and engorged and you sometimes feel like Bessie the Milking Cow, but 99.9999999% of the rest of the time you feel like Mother Earth and suddenly have urges to go buy a pair of Birkenstocks, shop at Whole Foods, and invest in the Joan Baez collection. Ok, maybe not that extreme for me, but I did, for a moment, consider the notion that Patchouli didn't smell "like death and dirty hippie" so much.

Thankfully, I came to my senses, but I still felt like an empowered woman, feeding my young with the incredible power millions of years of evolution have given me.

I find it so strange that people find breastfeeding "offensive" and want women to cover themselves in a Burka or run to the nearest dirty bathroom to do it. The LAST thing breastfeeding is, is a sexual act. Seriously, from the moment my children were born, my boobs went from being "Sexy Fun Bags You Can Play With" to "Don't Touch Them, These Are Food For the Baby". There is nothing sexual about them right now. I can't even imagine my husband touching them in that way. It makes my skin crawl to think about it. No, they are outlets for my child to eat right now. Get away from them with your man-hands and dirty thoughts!

Breastfeeding is so not sexual that I have no problem nursing wherever, whenever, and in front of whoever I am around. Both my dad and my brother (the poor guy) have been witness to me whipping one out and feeding my child. Did they care? Maybe my brother did for a second, but that's because he is young and has a new fiancee and they don't have any kids, but he soon got over it. Why? Because I'm feeding another human being. Not running around in pasties (which would be dragging on the floor) going "Look at my tits!"

People often say that women who nurse should cover up because of "modesty" and "respect" for the people around them. I say, why? Now mind you, I'm not taking my whole breast out, letting it flop around for a bit while I position the baby onto it. I have a very slick way of 1-2-3 getting nipple, baby, and latching done without anyone being the wiser. I don't use a blanket, I don't run to the nearest bathroom, and I don't cower in a corner. You probably wouldn't even realize I was nursing unless you came and shoved your face in my boobs (which would garner you a punch in the mouth). And even if I did "show" my breast before I nursed my child, is it really a terrible thing?

Men walk around with their boobs hanging out all the time.

And this is "offensive"?


Strawberry Momma said...

Nebraska, my former state, has no laws to protect nursing moms from being charged with indecent exposure while nursing. There has been a bill proposed, but with the puritan attitude of the state in general, it is likely not to pass.

I never had the confidence to nurse in public, except for nursing breaks at daycare. I have however witnessed several moms at playgroups nurse in public and not once has it made me uncomfortable. In fact, I once was talking face to face with a woman and didn't realize until several minutes into it, that she was nursing. When I sat down next to her I simply thought she was holding a napping baby, covered with a blanket to shade her eyes.

Kristy said...

Women;s bodies being sexualized is nothing new. Sadly, there are so many people who are turned on (or off) by the sight of a naked breast that breastfeeding is still taboo. I don't understand this attitude at all.
However, when I breastfed, my hubby still thought of my "sexy fun bags" as things to play with. I didn't mind a bit, as long as he was nice to them. Yours are looking pretty hot there too, girl! :P

ProudSingleMum said...

I agree whole-heartedly.

Sadly, I could not breastfeed. I tried pretty much non-stop for the first 6 weeks of my son's life. (even though I had started supplementing at 2 weeks when he'd dropped so much weight he was at risk of it causing problems. But man, I wish I did. Plus I'm one of those "excuse me, what did you say I can't do" kind of people, so it would have been fun to breastfeed in public :P

Aiden and Vander's Mommy said...

You beautifully wrote what I felt when I breastfed both my boys. I feel greatful that I was able to feed my sons until they were ready to stop a ripe old age of 18 months. I completely agree that moms should not have to feel bad about breastfeeding in public, it's a completely natural and beautiful thing. Keep voicing your beliefs, there are a lot of people who agree with you. :-)

Sherrie said...

Breastfeeding is beautiful, period. The one who sexualize it are men and those who don't breastfeed.

Gorgeous and well said!

J-M said...

Hairy man-boobs are gross. Mama-boobs are beautiful, whether they're dragging the ground or not. It's just damn cool that the human body is designed to produced and feed another human.

Kristen P said...

YES! Though it's been a while since I nursed my little one, I recall all of those feelings exactly. It's my hope that my daughter won't have to face these kinds of issues if she ever becomes a mom someday.

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Postpanamamaxi said...

Thank God I am German and living in the 21st Century.
In Germany breastfeeding in a café or the subway is no problem at all. I am proud and happy that I could manage to nurse my first son for 7 months and my second for even 1 year. And I was quite a little bit sad when my sons decided to prefer other food.

People who consider nursing in public als a kind of sexual provocation are wrong.
Watching a nursing mother is a wonderful sight. What could be more beautiful and enchanting than a loving mother feeding her beloved baby?

Breastfeeding is the second best thing a mother can do for her child. The most important thing is love. So if any mother is not able to breastfeed her child, she should not be sad. As long as she loves her baby as much as a mother can do, she will do everything right.

So enjoy your dinner, little cutie, and be nice to your loving mom!

Margaret Yang said...

I found you through your comment on friendly athiest. Beautifully written blog post and it brings back many happy memories of nursing my children.