Sunday, January 9, 2011

E-Mail Antics Continued - now with Comments!

That wascally neo-con is back and he's vewy vewy cranky! My comments are in red.

"I am not insulted or offended by you, simply amused. I surf the
Internet looking for deranged libs (in between downloading porn and Ann Coulter sound bytes) and just stumbled upon a few of your comments. I am actually sorry I sent the email as you are a
waste of time.(I am such a "waste of time" that they actually took the time out of their "busy" schedule to email me. Twice.)

Very predictable oldgothmom,(in the words of Dennis, 'I'm 37, I'm not old!'-that was a Monty Python reference. May have been too 'high-brow' for the situation) btw posting my email on your silly blog.(it's so silly, that they feel the need to come back to it. Repeatedly. And write me emails.) True liberal form. (Dammit! I was only trying to attempt a Half-true liberal form. I must have not stuck the landing.) I am certain you know exactly what Kos is, you
copy and paste from there relentlessly just like your Kool-Aid
drinking ilk. (Ugh, I hate Kool-Aid. Too much sugar. I prefer Crystal Light. Only 5 calories!) Nothing but lemmings that use every logical fallacy in
the book (Hey, that sounds just like what religious folks do with the Bible!)and regurgitate what you read on the same few liberal sites.

People like you only represent about two percent of the population so
I am not overly concerned about you or what you think. (Obviously not! I mean, you only took the time out to email me. Twice.) Comic relief (A great charity, by the way)
for those of us who live in reality (with Jesus and an Imaginary Friend in the sky) is all I think of you, nothing

Finally, people who claim to be highly educated do so because their
arguments and points are weak and this appeal somehow bolsters their
babble or somehow raises it above elementary school level. ( I know, how true. I hate it when Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly try to play actual journalists). People who
are truly smart see through this and are nothing more than amused by
it." (Hence the reason why I find you so adorably amusing!)

-looking forward to the next email!


Eleanor said...

weird and weirder.

Kristy said...

I love how he accuses you of using logical fallacy and proceeds to commit a NUMBER of fallacies himself. What a yutz!

Strawberry Momma said...

GREAT!! Now I have fricking coffee all over my laptop screen! ;)

ZenMom said...

*pouts* Awww, man. You get all the good hate-mail.