Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gimme Gimme Gimme! Mine Mine Mine!

Because my son is less interested in "kiddie shows" and likes to watch more "teen-agery" type stuff, the programs he watches (Mystery Hunters, Truth or Scare, Tutenstein, and Time Warp Trio) are all on a channel which breaks for commercials.

Bad idea Discovery Kids Network. Baaaad idea.

Now, every commercial that comes on, be it Nerf Super Punch in the Face Laser Gun to Skechers Overprices Shoes That Light Up and Fall Apart in a Week, Dante has to say to me, "Mommy, I want that!!!". Seriously, there was a commercial for Credit Solutions and Tax Breaks, and I hear him screaming from the room, "Mommy, I want a tax break!!!" Don't we all kiddo, Don't we all.

My solution to this "problem" has been to say, "Ok well you will have to ask Santa Claus" in hopes that by Xmas he will have completely forgotten about Transformers Bug Robots That Even Daddy Can't Put Together or Paperoni The Pointless Craft Invented by an Idiot.

But I am worried that this will backfire on me at some point as Xmas approaches because a whole new batch of commercials will pop up that WON'T leave his brain and I may have to fulfill some of these promises.

So far, though, the only consistent toy he keeps asking about is a "double side light saver" (translation: double edged light saber). Ahhhh, I can already see that The Force is strong in this one.


CJ said...

I go through the same thing but with three girls, lol. We do not do the whole Santa thing so it is a little easier. It only gets worse as they get older the "toys" get more expensive.

Jaque said...

And here I am upset because mine doesn't talk yet...haha!! I guess I should count myself lucky. I never did the "Santa" thing growing up, with a Marine for a father there was no time for such foolishness (dad's words, not mine). So I don't know how to go about "creating" him for Edward. I do remember asking for every damn thing on TV when I was a kid though. I will impart unto you what my father calls "No BS Parenting 101", I swear, that's what he says.....Whenever I would ask for something, whether on the TV or at the grocery store, whatever, dear old dad used to give me (once I could write) a piece of paper and a pen. He'd tell me to write down what I wanted, where I saw it and how much it cost. Then he'd tell me that once I got a job (yes, even at 3 years!) I could refer back to my list and buy all the crap I wanted.

The first thing I bought with my first paycheck @ 15? An easy bake oven...hahahaha!!

Definitely buy him the light saver can't stifle his inner Vader....

Lydia said...

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