Saturday, June 7, 2008

Think of the Children!!!

An idiot wrote this in today's paper:

What is museum exhibit teaching?
June 7, 2008

Why is the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale dissecting frogs?

The museum is touting "Frogs: A Chorus of Colors" as a special exhibit. It would seem that they believe that the correct way to celebrate frogs is by dissecting them.

I spoke to a museum representative. Her response was "dissecting frogs is science." I told her that I didn't believe dissecting frogs in front of children the smartest thing the museum could do. She told me to look at "Bodies": It's drawing huge crowds. One assumes that means that drawing crowds is what the museum is after, not science.

Many high schools and colleges use computer programs like "Virtual Frog Dissection." But I guess that wouldn't turn any of those impressionable children into budding scientists.

I wonder how many kids will leave the museum and then decide it's OK to start taking small creatures apart?

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This is my letter to the editor response:

Regarding the June 7th letter by Xxxxx Xxxxxx,stating that the scientific dissection of frogs would thus cause children to go out and start cutting up small animals:

Quite the leap from "budding scientist" to "crazed animal mutilator" solely because the museum included frog dissection in its exhibit, wouldn't one agree? Ms.Xxxxxx should keep in mind that scientists and innovators like Richard Lower, who discovered the methods of modern blood transfusion in the mid 17th century or Leonardo DaVinci, whose anatomical sketches revolutionized the 15th century's medical world, both used human and animal dissection to reach their incredible conclusions. The Museum of Discovery and Science, by including frog dissection as part of its exhibit, is simply living up to its name and reputation of bringing "discovery" and "science" to all: children and adults alike. Following Ms. Xxxxxx's "logic", would she assume that a trip to the meat counter at the grocery store would compel a child to butcher and filet animals as well?

It's such a shame to see that even positive and incredibly interesting aspects of our childrens' education are going to be scrutinized, criticized, and in some cases, attempted to be stopped by closedminded and extremely fatalistic individuals. Instead of concerning ourselves with our children learning about science and the inner workings of such fascinating creatures, why not focus our energies on safeguarding and supporting these museums and their programs in order to ensure that the children who inherit this earth are the innovators and scientists of the future.


Anna & Ryan said...

We're raising an entire generation of pansies. Come on people!

Sherrie said...

Gah! If you don't want your kids to see the exhibit, don't take them! I'm not sure if a live dissection is the best thing, but if your kids can handle it, let them see.