Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on Carrots

Carrots has now been officially missing for 41 hours. I've gone and checked both the Humane Shelter and the Animal Control Center daily since she has been gone and nothing. The Animal Control Center has a list of what has been brought in, dead or alive, and she hasn't been on it. The Humane Shelter lets me walk through the kennels to see if she's there....and she's not.

I can only hope that someone picked her up, thought she was cute and decided to keep her.

I hope.

I just wish I knew. If she is, in fact dead, I hope she didn't suffer. I hope she's not sufferring or hungry or frightened if she is, indeed, alive.

Dante keeps asking for her and we've told him that Carrots went to Alaska to visit her mommy and become a famous sled dog.

I've papered the entire neighborhood with flyers, offered a reward, and put a notice up on Craig's List. Both shelters have a flyer and I filled out the "lost dog" form. I wish there was something else I could do. She has an Animal ID tatoo on her tummy. I hope someone finds her. I miss her terribly and so does our other dog Salad, who has now taken to pooping and peeing all over the house in her anger and grief.

I will never forgive myself for this. Ever.


athimom said...

Alessia - I am so sorry. I know how sad and scary it is losing a baby. She may still come back to you. Amazing things happen.

JM said...

I hope she finds her way home. poor Carrots.

Katie said...

I was hoping that she would have turned up by now. Alessia how horrible for everyone. I'm still hoping she will find her way home.

Screaming Banshee said...

Im so sorry.....I went through this with my older children when one of the cats went missing. My heart is with you.

Angie said...

so sorry hun.