Monday, April 28, 2008

He Makes Me Tingle

So I have a new crush. Well, it's not really new but I've decided to come out with it and admit it.
Something about MC Serch makes me tingle. Between watching The White Rapper Show and now Miss Rap Supreme (both on VH-1), I have developed this completely immature, school girl crush on him. I loved 3rd Bass back in the day (Give 'em the Gas Face!), but he didn't appeal to me then. Now? I think he's sex-ay in this weird Jewish Rapper kind of way.

Oy Vey he makes me plotz!

Steppin'to the A.M.

The Gas Face

Pop Goes the Weasel

1 comment:

Angie said...

okay, I can NOT believe this. even more reason that we are psychic soul sisters. huge 3rd bass fan...saw them live many times...HUGE Serch fan...met him at a party one night in San Diego and just SWOONED. such a nice guy. what a great crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!