Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Move Over David Beckham Redux and watch out Lebron James!

Well, it looks like the Original Soccer Star has been replaced with this new up and coming star.....

That's right, it's David Beckham 2.0!

I wish had more pictures but unfortunately, Dodie needed  A LOT of coaxing from the coaches.  He's young and it was his first time but when it was over he said to me, "Mo' sacka mama?"

Dante was 3 1/2 when he played Tiny Tots Soccer at the YMCA. Dorian is not yet 3.

Dante, on the other hand joined the youth basketball league at the Y and is doing awesome.

I'm just wondering where my babies went.  (And when I will ever have the time to focus on my blog again).

3 comments: said...

so nice blogger

Alexia said...

Dez started soccer around 18 months. It's just exercises and learning to listen and follow direction, but Dez loves it.

Anonymous said...

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