Saturday, September 22, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes.....

I organized an event last night at Dante's school for the 3rd and 4th graders.  It was an Pajama party/Movie Night and lots of fun.

I am the type of mom who likes to interact and get to know the kids. Last year, I knew every one of Dante's Kindergarten classmates (and I'm well on my way to knowing all of his 1st grade mates this year) and I can still see them today and say hello to them (and strangely enough they somehow remember me) <----#sarcasmfont

Anyhow, I sat down with some of the kids and chatted with them and this is what I discovered from today's 8 and 9 year olds.

  • The Lorax is good but it's boring and nothing blows up
  • My dad used to be a DJ in the olden days in the 90's.
  • My mom is really old.  She's 32.
  • We should turn off the movie and dance because I want to show everyone my moves and maybe someone will want to be my girlfriend.
  • It's weird to see my friends without their clothes on. (The kids were wearing pajamas, not the required school uniform)
  • My grandpa was a warrior in the Venetian War. He's dead now.
  • In the 80's there were no cell phones so people couldn't call anyone unless they were home.
  • In the 80's computers were as big as your house and only rich people had them.
  • Girls are weird because all they want to do is hit you
  • Boys are weird because all they want to do is hit you
  • My dad has tattoos like you except his are nicer
  • I like your tattoos. My mom won't let me get one yet.
  • Is Justin Bieber your favorite singer?
  • You like Star Wars?  But you're a mom!
  • How could you have seen Star Wars when you were a kid? It wasn't real back then.
And my favorite of the evening:

  • I love your hair and your lipstick.  You look like a goth lady, but old and with jeans on.

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