Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Kids Are Better Than One.......Maybe-ish.

As I approach the month marker that Dorian (aka Mr. Billy Reuben) has entered our world, I have to say that it's not as hard or as bad as I thought it was going to be. Granted, we all have our "Holy shit, what did I just get myself into again, but for the most part it's been awesome". That being said, I would like to list a few pros and cons regarding siblings, namely siblings that are exacly 4 years, 2 days apart.
Dante is 4 years old. He is able to help me when I drop something. He is a great "diapering assistant" when we've got projectile poopy. He is self sufficient to a point that I can say, "Go wash up for dinner while I do this" and he does.
I only have to concern myself with one child in diapers. Which is plenty. I can only imagine the financial and smelly burden on folks with two kids in diapers at once.
Dante sleeps all night, so I only have to concern myself with one screaming kiddo at 2 am.
I can send Randy and Dante out for a "guys day" and get some sort of "me" time when the baby naps.
I have forgotten pretty much everything and anything having to do with having a baby. I am so nervous and flustered and I question everything I am doing. Did Dante sleep this much? Is Dorian getting enough to eat? Is Dorian sick? Why is he crying? Should his poop look like that? Why is he spitting up? Does he have acid reflux? Is that a tumor on his head? Where is the fontanelle? Is it normal for him to move like that? Why isn't he walking yet? Is he blind? Is he deaf? When will he be able to recognize me? Should he sleep on his back even though he's more comfortable on his stomach? Is he breathing? Is he dead? What about SIDS? Should his tongue stick out like that? Why are his legs bowlegged? Why won't he try to stand? Did Dante do this? Did Dante do that when he was a baby?
Seriously, I am driving myself crazy.


Kristy said...

If I may offer some unsolicited advice: CALM DOWN! Women have been doing this forever! The calmer you are teh less crying and fussing you will have to deal with. I know it ishard, but worrying all the time makes it harder! You are doing a great job!

Now This Is Life... said...

I agree with Kristy.

Also, no matter WHAT Dante did when, Dorian will be on a completely different timeline. And have a completely different personality. My two kids could not be ANY different from each other and it started the moment they were born.

So calm down, stop comparing, and just *try to* enjoy the itty bitty baby stage before you actually have to start the "parenting" part- you know, the part where you have to TEACH them stuff like why it isn't good to pull other people's hair or crack them over the head with a truck. ;)

Jaque said...

Our bean is due Feb 9, so....STOP IT!!! You're scaring me! Edward's only going to be 2, so that scares me even more.

That said, I'm sure it will be fine....yours and mine. I think if we both just calm down and breath it will be a lot easier!!