Saturday, March 6, 2010

Memo to Father Time

I want time to slow down please. I am already 5 months pregnant and it's going too fast! This is the last time in my life I will ever be pregnant and I want to savor each moment, each nausea, each ache, each get-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-pee moment, every single bit of it. Yet when I look back and realize that 5 months have already passed, I get very upset.


This is it for me. I will never ever ever ever ever be pregnant again. We've made that important decision together. We don't want anymore children. We're not going to "try for the girl" and we're certainly not going to "see what happens" later on. No. I'm getting my tubes tied after the C-Section and Randy is getting snipped.

So there will be never again another time that I will have a Bean. That I will have sore boobs and stretch marks (no wait, I'll have those forever). But I will never feel that kick in the ribs again, or the head butt on my bladder, or get to see blobs of black and white images that techs tell me are the arms and legs on a sonogram.

So again, I ask Father Time....SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!!!


Drew said...

As someone who have never rented out her uterus, I can't say any of those things sound fun, but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Prisim Light said...

I think that such fleeting experiences make them all the more sweet to savor. As with the bad times, this too shall pass. Enjoy while you can.

cookiemonstersnipe said...

You'll regret asking for that in 3 months LOL!

MomAndWife said...

I feel your pain hunny. I felt the same thing when I was preggo with Natalie. It went soooooooo fast and we knew that was it for me too, so I wanted to savor every moment.