Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another boy? I'm so sorry!

Lately when someone asks me what I am having and I say, happily mind you, "Another boy!", they give me a sad face and say "Awww shucks, another boy. That's too bad". Um, excuse me but fuck you. What kind of reaction is that when someone says they are having another baby? I usually look at them and snarkily say, "What the hell is that supposed to mean" and the person usually recovers with "Oh I just meant, didn't you want a girl?". No, jackass, I didn't WANT any specific gender. All I WANT is a healthy baby. That is what is important to me.

And no. We're not going to "try for the girl",so please stop asking me. Personally because I don't think having babies until you get your desired gender is too smart. I mean, what if we "try for a girl" and get another boy (which is highly likely since DH seems to make boys)? Then we'll have THREE kids. Do we keep "trying for the girl" until we end up with our own reality show on TLC?

For some reason, I think people lose all common sense and courtesy when confronted with a pregnant person. It's almost as though we have a sign on our head that says, "Please say inappropriate things to me about how big I am, how you're sad that the gender is not what you wanted, how puffy I look, and/or how I look like I am about to pop". Don't forget the sign on the stomach that says, "Hey random stranger, please come rub me in a way that would make a child molester feel weird".

So yes, I am having another boy. No, I am not sad or upset about it. No, we are not going to keep having babies until we have a girl. And no, I am SURE I am NOT carrying twins.

Now I want cake.


Michele said...

So well put. I did carry twins and had so many comments from strangers asking me how I conceived them -- um...none of your effen business. Like twins automatically means I had IVF. Point is...who cares how I got them in my belly -- they are there and that's the great part. I ended up just telling people...lots of sex. That shut them up.

adisciascio said...

All I know is when I first saw you showing I just knew whatever was in there had at least one X chromosome. See I could tell by how you're carrying it ;)

Oh and WTF is a chonivi? That's what this messed up word verification is asking me to type.

cookiemonstersnipe said...

I watched some documentary a few weeks back about a woman who'd had 8 boys and was STILL trying for a girl. The money she spent having 8 boys they just could have done PGD.

I do get the whole gender disappointment thing, I felt it. Not because I wanted a boy per say more like I lost a little boy at 6 months and I wanted to in essence get him back. No possible way of doing that ...

But really to keep trying unsuccessfully just seems stupid and selfish!!

Remember people are stupid and getting angry at them only lowers you to their level! And yes I realize how hard that is when someone's telling you that "you're going to pop" as though it's any of their effing business!

And of course hope for karma to come and bite them in the ass ... hopefully taking a huge chunk out of it!

ZenMom said...

As the very happy mom of two boys - and only two boys - can I just give an A-freaking-MEN?

This describes exactly the kind of reactions I got almost universally with my second pregnancy. And my reaction was much like yours: Screw you, stupid.

Just wait. Next will come the "sympathy" for the "burden" of having to "put up with" the "trouble" of "OMG, TWO boys?!?!"

Now This Is Life... said...

...I can't wait for the post ranting about people commenting on name choices. :D :D :D

And I agree, we have two girls. I am thrilled with two girls. No. We are not trying for a boy. People always tell us, too, that we HAVE to have more babies because we make such cute babies. Really?? Yes, that is an EXCELLENT reason to have more children we cannot financially or emotionally support. They will be starving and fucked up psychologically, but they will be beautiful, dammit!