Monday, November 24, 2008


1993, Dojo Restaurant, St. Mark's Place, NYC. The scene opens with me, 19 years old, sitting at a table, smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer; dyed black devil lock/shaved head, brooding over the Village Voice and leaving traces of black lipstick on my beer. I've got my 6" platform boots on (you know, the ones with the cool buckles) stretched across another chair while I eye the "fucking lame ass tourists" walk by. A couple of people I know from "the scene" stroll by and notice me.
  • Them: "Hey! What's up. What are you doing?"
  • Me: "Nothing much, just having lunch/dinner/whatever"
  • Them: "Cool. What are you doing tonight?"
  • Me: "I'm going to a show".
  • Them:" Who's playing?"
  • Me: "KMFDM/Front 242/Skinny Puppy/Front Line Assembly/Thrill Kill Kult/whatever"
  • Them: "Ok. See you there."

2008, Super Target, Hollywood, Florida. The scene opens with me, 34 years old, pushing a cart loaded with diapers, milk, bread, tampons, xmas presents, while sitting in the child seat, my son is screaming to go back to the toy section because he "forgot something", dyed red and black hair is falling out of its ponytail and its roots are showing, it hasn't seen a brush in 3 days, brooding over the coupon book and leaving traces of cheddar goldfish across the store's linoleum floor. I've got my crappy flip-flops on (you know the ones I got at K-Mart for $3) while I eye which line is shorter so I can get out of here faster. A couple of people I know from "the scene" (a.k.a. The Mommy Group) see me.
  • Them: "Hey! What's up. What are you doing?"
  • Me: "Nothing much, just trying to get some errands done"
  • Them: "Cool. What are you doing tonight?"
  • Me: "I'm going to a show."
  • Them: "Who's playing?"
  • Me: "The Wiggles"
  • Them: "Ok, see you there!"


Sherrie said...

We're in the same club - the formerly cool moms. lol. Love ya regardless.

Matt said...

It happens to the best of us. I have completely missed the Wiggles but I was there for so much other interchangeable kiddie entertainment. Be glad that when they get to be 6,7+, the TV at least is 22.345% geared towards entertaining mom and dad. It's enough to tide you over until they're asleep and you can watch court TV and upscale Albanian porn-er-I mean-CSI...CSI...I meant.

ZenMom said...

You're still cool. You're just "mom-cool" now. It's a whole different measuring stick (said the mommy who just finished writing a blog post in which she gets all giddy about a new kid's TV show).

Screaming Banshee said...

You cannot possibly know how much I needed the smile your blog just put on my face. I have been going through this "thing". Wondering how I ended up in this "place". Remembering a time when I was the life of the party, the girl everyone wanted to be around, the one everyone called to see what was happening that night. Now the phone never rings and I am in bed by 9. Yesterday picking my husband up from the airport all 4 kids in the car, listening to some mind numbing children's CD I had, had enough and put in the Ramones and turned it up and then the absurdity of us in my little red mini van blaring the Ramones hit and back in went the children's CD. LOL. Anyway thanks for the smile!