Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Remake I Can Approve Of

If you don't know from reading my past blogs (like The Curse of the Remake), you know that I don't take too kindly to people remaking things. Whether it be movies, or music, or toys or commericals, or whatever. When that stupid kindergoth band Orgy remade New Order's "Blue Monday", I about wanted to drop kick my radio everytime they played it. Then this douchebaggy 12-year old emo pop punk band The Ataris takes Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" (one of my all time favorite songs) and changes the lyrics from "I saw a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac" to this oh-look-at-us-we're-so-cool, "I saw a Black Flag sticker.....". Puh-leeze. Like any of them knew who Rollins was before it was cool to know who Rollins was.

But I digress. I have found a remake that has passed my strict hatred of "the remake". Now, we all remember Depeche Mode's incredible album, Black Celebration, and this little ditty (another one of my all time favorites):

Stripped (Depeche Mode)

Fucking fantastic song, right? I mean, look how cute they were. All young and pre-strung out on heroin. Dave Gahan still had that fresh boy look and Martin Gore was rocking the bondage. Those were my Depeche Mode boys. LOVED them. Still do. And Stripped makes me tingle.

Then, I came across this recently by Shiny Toy Guns, whose album "We Are Pilots" is so awesome that I feel the need to dance everytime I hear it. I think we can agree that their remake of an already amazing song is truly, truly, amazing in itself. The video is lame (it's not the band video so bear with) You be the judge:

Stripped (Shiny Toy Guns)

I rest my case


Your Pal Pinki said...

I have to watch these later when hubby isn't sleeping next to me. : ) I mostly hate remakes, though Korn and Marilyn Manson have done a few I love. My kids are super hard on remakes. They HATE the War Pigs remake. I'm not allowed to let it play when it comes on. : )

Mighty M said...

I'm really glad to see that the Barbizon School of Video has graduates who do something with their lives. What was the director thinking...hmmm...maybe something like this..

Awesome Film Student: Hmmm I'm bored with my job working for my rich daddy, wanna go out to the beach this weekend and use cliche, and poorly filmed video shots and try to make them look cinematic?

Awesome Film Student's Friend: Cool! Maybe then we can recycle all the shots that they've used in all those other cool music videos that we've seen and try to pass them off as innovative?!

Awesome Film Student: Hell Yeh! Then I can show my Parents that I just don't sit in their room and smoke pot all day while I blog about why I hate Hollywood even though I'm trying desperately to be a part of it!

Awesome Film Student's Friend: You're hot.

Awesome Film Student: You're hot.

Awesome Film Student's Friend: Let's Make out.


Just my opinion.

NOTE: I also love the hot chic that feels that modern dance fits in so well. Then being so bold to go into an impromptu stripper / Penthouse fotoshoot on the beach with Gort looking at her. Maybe she was trying to summon up the Great Spirit of Interpretive Dance but instead summoned the Spirit of Goofy Clashing Cultural Styles. From Madamn Jane Wannawongo-Starfire-Love-Smith to Candy "Pole Burn" Johnson, she really has a broad range.

As far as the remake, yes, the song is good and rather infectious.

Clue Club.