Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

My children celebrated birthdays this week. Dante turned 5 and Dorian turned 1.  If you go back and look at the first couple of blogs I ever posted on Musings from the Crypt, you will see that I was pregnant with Dante and the time and still not technically a mom.  I can honestly say that my children are my entire life and no one who doesn't have children will ever understand what that means.  Not to worry, I'm not one of those crazy people who doesn't think a woman is fulfilled if she doesn't have kids (I know they aren't for everyone), but I have to kvell when I look at my guys.

So here is to my boys.  Happy Birthday to both of them.  May they be surly and ornery teenagers but strong, intelligent, kind, and caring men.

Sunrise, Sunset


Anonymous said...

I've been missing your blogs, Alessia. The kids are cute!

BTW, did you check out my new attempt at the blogosphere?

I think when school starts, I am going to make an effort at one blog a day for the whole year.

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