Sunday, April 19, 2009


This question has been nagging at me for a week or so now. Susan Boyle. Why were the judges so "shocked" that she could sing well? Why was everyone so "surprised" that she had a beautiful voice? Is it because she is homely and chubby and not a blond bimbo with implants? It is because she is not one who people would call "gorgeous?".

Really? Is this why the world is "stunned by her performance". Does this imply that one has to be beautiful to be taken seriously; they have to fit this beauty image mold that we've been force fed? Because if you don't, then the world has a right to expect nothing from you and ridicule you. You're fat and homely, therefore I have every right to treat you like less of a person and then turn around and compliment you if you deliver something unexpected.

Something about the whole Susan Boyle situation makes me a bit angry. Not Susan Boyle herself, of course, as she is one brave lady and talented lady. I don't know exactly what it is that makes me angry about all of it, but I think in general it's the idea that people think they are better than someone who doesn't fit the mold, who goes against the grain. And although Susan Boyle is a "normal" person (church choir, takes care of mom,etc.) her "abnormality" is that she is not a "beautiful" person and not suffering from anorexia.

The whole hub-bub around Susan Boyle is just an indication of how shallow and idiotic human beings have become.

"Oh look! An ugly person can sing!" I feel like they're all saying. In interviews she's spoken to as if she were a child, in that condescending "Aren't you cute" kind of tone. Cute? She's 47 years old and has spent her life taking care of her mother! This woman has had it harder than most people let alone Judy Interviewer and her plastic smile.

Susan Boyle is extremely talented. She should be appreciated for that. That is her beauty.

I couldn't find a video to embed, so here is the link. I suggest you watch it.

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009


Jack Allen said...

I was watching "The View" the day after Susan's video was shown to the US. They were talking about how in Britain's Got Talent they usually give the contestants makeovers. Some of the "ladies" (I use that term loosely) were discussing her, unibrow and how she needs a makeover. Joy Behar said why make her like everyone else? I too am so sick of people (mostly women) wanting to be skinny, big boobs, in other words... FAKE!!! I agree I have fallen into that mentality in my life and am glad to say I have come to love my body! Go Susan Boyle! you have a BEAUTIFUL voice that any skinny, blond, hussy, would love to have!

Anja said...

I totally agree with. What was even worse was the crowd booing her at the beginning. I also had a few words to say about it:

J-M said...

Exactly. Why is it so "surprising" and "shocking" that a life-long chorister has a beautiful singing voice?