Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thank You Hypocritical Atheists!

You'd never think you'd see that statement coming from me would you? But yes, it has and I'm digusted.

Today was the Atheist Solstice Picnic, hosted by a local Atheist Group. I'm sure some of you have seen my blurbs regarding their meetings and such. Anyhow, I woke up early this morning in order to make my AWESOME homemade Shells and Cheese (made lovingly and tastily with four types of cheese, all creamy and good and yummy and bad for you) to bring to the picnic. 30+ people were scheduled to attend so I made ALOT of food. We were excited to go meet new people and be around other likeminded individuals. It's hard finding Atheists so we always looked forward to the meetings. This would be the first time we had the opportunity to meet everyone, as we don't go to the weekly meetings because of Dante.

We got to the picnic promptly and were greeted by some new faces. As more people began to show up, we began to realize that something wasn't right. We didn't feel like part of the group. I tried initiating conversations and introducing myself and my family, but was cut off and/or interrupted by the "cliques" that had formed. One woman walked away from me in mid-sentence to say hello to another woman. Left me standing in the middle of the lawn by myself, mouth agape, and just stunned. Another woman brought her two dogs yet explicitly FORBADE my son to go near them. I explained to her that Dante was good with dogs as we have two of our own and he is very gentle and just loves kissing them. She bluntly stated that "you never know what a child will do to an animal" and walked off. Not ten seconds later, a swarm of children were playing with and petting her dogs while she just drank her wine and schmoozed with everyone else.

I then saw a woman with a baby about the same age as Dante and I approached her. We all had name tags on and I said "Hello so-and-so I'm Alessia, I see you have a little baby too! This is Dante, he's 17 months old, how old is your daughter?" She replied by grunting and walking away to go sit in her friends' circle. Ok fine. Another group of little girls and their parents were playing with a football and Dante walked over and said "Ohhh" ( his version of Hello) and waved. I said, "Maybe the little girls will share the ball and play with you Dante", to which one of the little girls said, "I don't have to share, he's not our friend". Understandably, you would think that the parent would correct the child and say something like, "We can always make new friends and share" or "Let's make friends and all play together!", but no. Instead the parents MOVED their game across the road so Dante couldn't get there. Nice.

Keep in mind people, this was the ATHEIST PICNIC. An event hosted by a group my family belongs to. A group of people who are normally shunned by the mainstream and considered Un-American, yet they treat strangers and new people like this?!?!?!

Wait. It gets better. A man had a guitar and other musical instruments, including a tambourine, maracas, and a drum. Now Dante ADORES maracas and is the chief maraca shaker at playgroup, so I asked the man if we could play his maracas. "No", he replied, "those are professional instruments! They're not toys!". Um, ok Mr. Professional Maraca player. Fuck you then. The last straw came when I asked where the beer was and was told that if I didn't bring any, there wasn't any. Excuse me? I just busted my ass cooking homemade Shells and Cheese for 30 people and I can't drink anything? We were told to bring a side and that drinks would be provided. Now, all of a sudden they're not?!?!?

Only one person was nice and he's always been nice and our friend and he was disgusted at the way we were treated. When we told him we were leaving, he said " I don't blame you".

So, Thank You Hypocritical Atheists. You, who always talk about how judgemental and rude Christians are. Who always claim to be the champions of reason and logic, and who profess to be so much more educated than those who "need an imaginary friend in the sky". Thanks for being exactly what you hate and thanks for making this Atheist family feel ostracized, unwelcome, and certainly embarassed to be associated with a buch of assholes like you.

Happy Solstice you dipshits!

***disclaimer: I'm still an Atheist. I'm just disgusted by this group of people and will no longer support or associate with them******

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