Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm pulling my hair out right now. Why? Because I'm pissed. I'm pissed because some idiot with a gun decides to go shoot up Virginia Tech and then we've got to listen to all this "god" this and "god" that crap from our idiot president. I'm pissed because this asshole lines up 32 people and shoots them because he's a sick fuck. I'm pissed because now all these "analysts" and classmates are pulling shit out of their asses to explain why he did it. "Oh he wrote morbid plays!"..."Oh he played violent video games!"..."Oh he was quiet and never talked to anyone".

Guess what? I think Kafka's Metamorphosis is pretty morbid. Did he go on a shooting rampage? The Marquis deSade wrote some pretty sick shit. Did he go on a drive-by rapiering and impale a bunch of courtiers? I also think Ann Coulter is the devil incarnate and writes the most horrible hateful drivel, yet she has yet to strap an UZI to her back and take out Congress. (I only wish she would, as these crazed gunmen have the cowardly tendency to off themselves, so thus Ms. Coulter would have to do the same to herself.)

Ugh! It drives me crazy that everyone has to now find the cause for this kid's rampage du jour. I've got idiot analysts on CNN talking about his writings speaking about "chainsaws" and violence. I've got former classmates talking in hindsight about how they always joked he'd be "a shooter". Oh no! Did he play Resident Evil too many times on his Playstation? If that were the case, why have I not strapped a 9mm under my jacket and taken out the Dunkin Donuts down the street for getting my coffee order wrong for the 20th time? I play violent video games. I read disturbing literature. I enjoy a good horror flick. And shocker!....I have no desire to shoot up a school, a church, a library, or anything in between.

Can someone not just snap? Why must everyone have a reason? Why can't this kid have had just some mixed up wires in his head that went kablooie and he went nutso? Why do we have to find the cause? Which leads me to the next pile of horseshit.........Why the hell is our president invoking god and prayers? If there is a god, was he on lunch break when this was happening? Was he busy overseeing the joys of the conflict in the Middle East? Was he standing by as another child in Africa is orphaned by AIDS? Or was he just stuck on a crossword puzzle clue while sitting on the toilet and time got away from him?

I know I know, god fearers will claim, that god had "a plan" for those killed. That they "were needed up in heaven" and that "better things await them up there". Horseshit. Fucking horseshit. Oh sure, god's gonna let you get killed execution style in the prime of your life just so you can go up to heaven and strum a harp for eternity. Better yet, he's going to give you so much pressure and demands from peers, faculty, family and society that you're just going to snap and become a suicidal homicidal maniac for an afternoon and shame your name and your family's name for years to come.

Give me a fucking break. I'm going to go play The Suffering now and blow shit up and execute zombies and monsters and use chainsaws and bazzokas. Then I may go watch The Hills Have Eyes and Hellraiser while munching on popcorn as the small boobied girl gets impaled on a stake. And then maybe, just maybe, I'll go read a really morbid, violent book. How about The Bible?!?!?!?!?!

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