Sunday, April 9, 2006

Baby Kicks that Make me Pee

So I was awakened this morning by a kick that sent my left leg into some sort of 1980's freestyle pop and lock breakdance.I didn't much mind that, hell I was never good at breakdancing when I was 10, so maybe if I can master it at 31 I can start a new trend. What I did mind was that Mr. Baby here decided that, after kicking whatever nerve triggered the ghosts of Turbo and Ozone (if you get this reference then I love you), that he would kick me directly in the bladder so that I may have to rush out later today and buy some adult diapers.So attractive eh? The picture in your mind of a big ol' pregnant chick wetting the bed. Fortunately, I made it to the bathroom since I've taken to sleeping on Randy's side of the bed which is closer to the bathroom door. Sure it's closer to the door by about 2 feet, but those 2 feet matter when I've got FIFA in my stomach.

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